Law Prep Tutorial Dominates CLAT 2024 Results (From AIR 1 to State Toppers)

  • March 28, 2024
  • March 28, 2024
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  • Law Prep Tutorial’s student Jai Bohara achieved the AIR 1 in CLAT 2024 exam. 
  • 4/10 All India Rank (AIR) toppers are students of Law Prep Tutorial.
  • In Bihar state rankings, all TOP 3 students are from Law Prep Tutorial Patna.

The legal field in India witnessed a defining moment as the results of the Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) 2024 were declared on December 10, 2023. CLAT opens the door to prestigious National Law Universities (NLUs) in India. This year’s results not only show the increasing competition in law admissions but also underscore the exceptional achievements of candidates who appeared for the exam.

Behind the success of students, one name resonates with unparalleled success – Law Prep Tutorial. With over 20+ years of commitment to excellence, Law Prep Tutorial has been the #1 CLAT coaching institute in India. 

Law Prep Tutorial Patna continues to outshone its counterparts, claiming the coveted Rank 1, 2, and 3. The achievements of the students from Law Prep Tutorial Patna go beyond state borders, with more than 20 students securing admissions to the prestigious National Law University (NLU), Bangalore.

Students ने रच दिया इतिहास CLAT 2024 में Law Prep बना नंबर-1 | Bihar News

Record-breaking CLAT 2024 Results

First and foremost, more than 97% of registered candidates participated in the CLAT 2024 examination. This huge participation rate signifies not only the increased interest in legal education but also the recognition of CLAT as the door to the NLUs of India.

The geographical expanse of CLAT 2024 was vast, with an organized examination conducted across 139 test centers. Spanning 25 states and Union Territories, the exam reached far and wide, providing aspiring lawyers from diverse regions an equal opportunity to showcase their legal knowledge. 

Law Prep Tutorial’s Dominance in CLAT 2024

Imagine a journey where dreams of becoming a top-notch lawyer come true, and that’s exactly what happened for students at Law Prep Tutorial in CLAT 2024. 

Rockstar Achievers

  • Jai Bohara, a student from Law Prep Tutorial, bagged the top spot (All India Rank 1) in CLAT 2024. 


  • Moreover, 4 of LPT’s students made it to the Top 10 ranks. 


That’s a big deal!

CLAT 2024 AIR 1 Interview

Here is what Jay Bohara, the AIR 1 in CLAT 2024 exam has to say:



Law Prep Tutorial Patna’s Success in CLAT 2024

In Bihar, students from Law Prep Tutorial Patna secured the first three positions in CLAT.

At Law Prep Tutorial Patna, the success of the students is the core area of focus. This comes with a strategic approach to preparation. The faculty members of this CLAT coaching in Patna include highly experienced teachers for every subject, law professors, NLU alumni, and subject-matter experts.

We break even the complex topics into the simplest terms so that aspirants can learn effectively and get on the path to cracking the exam. We use a combination of: 


  • Expert-led regular classes
  • dedicated doubt sessions
  • Practicing CLAT mock tests
  • CLAT previous year papers
  • CLAT Sample papers
  • Time management strategies
  • AI-based performance analysis
  • Working on specific weak areas of each student


Law Prep Tutorial Patna के Students ने लहराया सफलता का परचम, CLAT में एक साथ रिकॉर्ड रिजल्ट |

LPT Patna’s 20+ Students Secure Admission to NLU Bangalore

The success story of our CLAT coaching doesn’t end with just exams. More than 20 students from Law Prep Tutorial Patna have secured admission to NLU Bangalore after CLAT 2024 results. 


NLU Bangalore (National Law School of India University) is the No. 1 law college in India. It is the epitome of legal education that sets standards for academic and professional excellence for budding lawyers. 


That’s a huge deal and shows that Law Prep Tutorial doesn’t just prepare you for exams, but also for rocking it in the best law colleges in India.


This success at NLU Bangalore further cements Law Prep Tutorial Patna’s standing as the #1 CLAT coaching institute in Bihar. 


Our commitment to excellence resonates not only in the rankings but in the halls of the most esteemed law schools in India, and it’s a journey that continues to inspire aspiring legal minds across the nation.


For aspiring lawyers and students preparing for CLAT 2025, Law Prep Tutorial Patna is the source for strategic preparation. 

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CLAT 2024 Results

The CLAT 2024 results are officially out. The students who appeared for the exam can visit the official website of the Consortium of NLUs and check their results. 


The highest marks secured in the CLAT 2024 exam are 108 out of 120. 


CLAT 2024 Toppers (State-Wise)


PercentileStateNo. of StudentsBoy/Girl


Uttar Pradesh



65 Boys + 1 Girl


Madhya Pradesh



53 Boys + 2 Girls

Tamil Nadu


42 Boys + 2 Girls


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