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Key Features of Our CLAT Mock Test in Patna

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Realistic Exam Pattern

Our CLAT mock tests mimic the real exam pattern for authentic practice.

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Performance Insights

Get insights into your strengths and weaknesses to fine-tune your preparation.

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AI-Powered Analysis

Use advanced AI analysis to track your progress and identify areas for improvement.

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Current Affairs Included

Get complimentary access to the latest monthly current affairs.

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Answer Explanations

Understand the reasoning behind correct answers with detailed explanations.

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Package Choices

Select from a range of packages tailored to your CLAT preparation needs.

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Topic-Level Tests

Personalize your practice by selecting specific subjects and topics to focus on.

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AIR 1 -2024

Offline CLAT Mock Test


AIR 2 -2024

Offline CLAT Mock Test


AIR 4 -2024

Offline CLAT Mock Test


AIR 5 -2024

Offline CLAT Mock Test


AIR 8 -2024

Offline CLAT Mock Test


AIR 9 - 2024

Offline CLAT Mock Test


AIR 11 - 2024

Why Choose Us for CLAT Test Series in Patna?

Law Prep Tutorial is India’s best platform for CLAT preparation and study material.

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Access a wide range of mock tests meticulously designed to cover the entire CLAT syllabus, ensuring holistic preparation.

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Experience the closest match to the actual CLAT exam format with our mock tests, enhancing your exam-day confidence.

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Benefit from expertly curated questions that mirror the CLAT exam's complexity and diversity.

right click image AI-Powered Learning

Boost your preparation with our AI-based Learning Management System (LMS) to identify areas for improvement and enhance your scores.

right click image Access to CLAT Express

Stay updated with our monthly magazine, CLAT Express, providing the latest current affairs and GK for exam preparation.

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Join a community of successful aspirants who have excelled with our guidance and CLAT mock test in Patna.

FAQs About CLAT Mock Test in Patna

Find answers to commonly asked questions about mock tests of CLAT exam.

CLAT mock tests are practice tests designed to simulate the CLAT exam experience. They help aspirants prepare effectively by offering a real exam-like environment.

CLAT Mock Tests help you assess your readiness, improve time management, and identify weak areas. They are crucial for building confidence and enhancing performance.

Yes, all our CLAT mock tests in Patna are crafted to align with the most current CLAT exam pattern, ensuring you are well-prepared for the actual test.

Yes, some of our packages include access to CLAT Express, our monthly current affairs magazine, which enhances your general knowledge and awareness.

Yes, we provide answers with detailed explanations for all CLAT mock test questions. It helps you understand the reasoning behind each answer.

Absolutely, our mock test for CLAT includes multiple topic-wise tests, allowing you to focus on specific areas that need improvement.

While not mandatory, taking CLAT Mock Tests is highly recommended. They provide valuable insights into your progress and help you get accustomed to the exam format.

Yes, each mock test has a time limit, mirroring the actual CLAT exam duration. This constraint helps you practice time management.

It’s advisable to take mock tests regularly, at least once a week, to monitor your progress and identify areas for improvement.

Yes, most mock test packages allow you to retake tests multiple times. It’s an excellent way to track your progress and enhance your scores.

Yes, you can review your previous mock test attempts and performance reports, allowing you to track your progress and focus on areas that need improvement.

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