Ultimate CLAT Test Series 2025

For ultra-extensive practice and in-depth performance evaluation.

  • 50 full-length online mock tests
  • 400+ topic-wise tests
  • Based on latest exam pattern

What’s Included in This Mock Test Package?

Build confidence, score higher with our expert-created mocks.

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    50 Full-Length CLAT Mock Tests

    Practice with 50 comprehensive CLAT mock tests online to assess your readiness for the exam.

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    Topic-Wise Improvement

    Access 400+ topic-wise tests to strengthen your knowledge and focus on specific areas of improvement.

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    Detailed Mock Analysis

    Benefit from in-depth analysis and detailed reports on multiple parameters to boost your performance.

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    AI-Based LMS Portal

    Get free access to our AI-powered Learning Management System to improve your scores and rank.

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    Personalized Resources

    Access a plethora of CLAT resources designed specifically for your preparation, on the LMS portal.

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    Free Access to Monthly Magazine

    Stay updated with CLAT Express, our monthly magazine covering current affairs.

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    Weekly GK Updates

    Get weekly GK round-ups with the latest happenings and global updates.

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    Yearly GK Compendium

    Access a complete compendium of year-round updates for comprehensive GK preparation.

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    Mock Tests Based on Latest Pattern

    Practice with online mock tests based on the latest CLAT exam pattern.

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    See Your All India Rank (AIR)

    Compete with thousands of other aspirants on our platform and see your All India Rank in mock results.

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    Personalized Recommendations

    Receive recommendations based on your strengths and weaknesses to enhance your preparation.

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    Available in English

    Please note that these mock tests are available only in English as the CLAT exam is conducted in English only.

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    Designed by Experts

    Trust our expert-designed tests with years of experience to guide your preparation.

Meet Our CLAT Toppers

Our mock tests for CLAT are preferred by all India toppers!

Experience Real Exam Conditions!


AIR 1 -2024

Experience Real Exam Conditions!


AIR 2 -2024

Experience Real Exam Conditions!


AIR 4 -2024

Experience Real Exam Conditions!


AIR 5 -2024

Experience Real Exam Conditions!


AIR 8 -2024

Experience Real Exam Conditions!


AIR 9 - 2024

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, all the mock tests in the package are designed according to the latest CLAT exam pattern, ensuring that you’re well-prepared for the real exam.

Absolutely! You’ll receive detailed reports with in-depth analysis after every mock test, helping you identify your strengths and weaknesses for targeted improvement.

Yes, you’ll have access to CLAT Express, our monthly magazine covering current affairs and GK topics, to stay updated with relevant information.

Our mock tests provide a simulated CLAT experience, allowing you to gauge your readiness and receive recommendations based on your performance. They help you build confidence and refine your exam strategies.

Yes, you can see your All India Rank (AIR) in mock test results, giving you a sense of where you stand compared to other CLAT aspirants.

Yes, our mock tests are accessible on various devices, including smartphones and tablets, for your convenience.

You have the flexibility to choose when to take the mock tests based on your preparation schedule. There are no fixed schedules.

Yes, each mock test is timed to simulate the actual CLAT exam conditions.

Yes, you can retake the mock tests as many times as you like to track your progress and improve your scores.

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Experience Real Exam Conditions!

Start practising now to get ahead in your CLAT preparation!

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